Ezek 44:3

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>Two questions re first word in this passage:
>1.  When BSH   (BHS) apparatus (p.980) reads, "frt l" AK  (excuse bad 
>transliteration; gave key away; mean aleph kaph), does that mean that 
>L is not clearly legible here?  That is, L may read AK for ATH?  

No- it means "perhaps read"- (frt l is a latin abbreviation = perhaps read)
because some mss have that variant.  The variant is however an attempt to
clarify and thus evidently a scribal attempt to clean something up and
thereby secondary.

>(Asking this because Luther seems to follow the AK reading, at least 
>according to Die Heilige Schrift, NBP, 1967, p. 790, which claims to 
>follow Luther.)

Luther followed Reuchlin (Melancthons uncle)

>2.  How did Septuagint get DIOTI out of either ATH or AK?  (DBS, p. 
>852, with no variant readings noted.)
>(Pls excuse bad transliterations; believe had a key, but gave hard 
>copy away & got tired of searching for disk copy!  Here using A for 
>aleph, of course, not the verbs.  Know that's terrible form!)

Its ok- easy enough to know what you mean by looking at the text.



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