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>First, I like to thank all for your past help and advice on matters of 
>After finishing "Hebrew Tutor" and studying mainly by myself,I'm 
>looking to take on Hebrew Syntax study. Are there (simple) books i can 
>read, exercises i can do, or any advice out there for someone going at it

Sure.  First, the best thing to do to familiarize yourself with syntax is
read the Hebrew Bible- or get yourself a NT in Hebrew- that is really a
tremendous boon for comprehension of Hebrew.  Then, and only after you have
done a few months of reading in the Hebrew text, get Weingreen's grammar and
work through it.  He discusses syntax in a very comprehensive manner.
Finally, when you finish Weingreen (all the while reading Hebrew every day)
get Gesenius' grammar and work through it.

>What can i do progressively to reach competence in syntax training?
>I'm looking for something i can do in my spare time at home. (Family 

Take about 15 minutes a day reading and then advancing as suggested above
and you will soon have a good handle on it.

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