Ezek 44:3

MISS DIANA N SHAW BLFR64A at prodigy.com
Wed Jun 9 17:40:40 EDT 1999

Two questions re first word in this passage:

1.  When BSH apparatus (p.980) reads, "frt l" AK  (excuse bad 
transliteration; gave key away; mean aleph kaph), does that mean that 
L is not clearly legible here?  That is, L may read AK for ATH?  
(Asking this because Luther seems to follow the AK reading, at least 
according to Die Heilige Schrift, NBP, 1967, p. 790, which claims to 
follow Luther.)

2.  How did Septuagint get DIOTI out of either ATH or AK?  (DBS, p. 
852, with no variant readings noted.)

(Pls excuse bad transliterations; believe had a key, but gave hard 
copy away & got tired of searching for disk copy!  Here using A for 
aleph, of course, not the verbs.  Know that's terrible form!)

Diana N. Shaw
BLFR64A at prodigy.com

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