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> >The text I have reads:

> I would guess the difficulty lies more in the use of the
> third person for &FN") than it does in the presence of the piel
> infinitive absolute $AL.AX<


Keil treats this as a participle without the subject pronoun being expressed.   I'm
not sold on the likelihood of this.  I recognize the correspondence of qamets and
holem, but I'm not sure why a holem would be shortened to a qamets in this case.
Also, if it did, none of the lexicons that I have here attest to a qal active
participle of &FN") with such a reduction.  Besides, such an explanation requires a
very strange form in the Hebrew--a participle acting like a verb with an *implied*
subject.  This form would be especially strange considering the "precedent" which
would indicate the subject actually follows the participial "clause".

I also have a problem with Ralph Smith's suggestion of simply reading it as first
person, since it *does* make sense as a third person.  The only problem is that we are
unable to identify who actually is the subject of the activity of hating.  Without
other examples of a person referring to himself in the third person singular in a
speech, I'm not sure that we can determine with any certainty whether this is direct
speech or a paraphrased report of direct speech.

I've added it onto my list of things to look up when I get the chance.   Good


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