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>I want to make sure that I am looking at the same
phrase you are.  The text I have reads:


You are right, Paul. I made a mistake. Be patient with me, I'm just
starting to study Hebrew in earnest and I might make a few blunders
along the way. Thanks for the correction.

>which a very different word order.  If this change
in word order does not solve the difficulties that you perceive in this
verse, then I would guess the difficulty lies more in the use of the
third person for &FN") than it does in the presence of the piel
infinitive absolute $AL.AX<

Again, you are correct in your assumption.

>My impression is that the use of the third person for this word
translated "hate" is either indicating an attribute of
YHWH-the-God-of-Israel followed by a reference to his saying so, or it
is a majestic
form, albeit in the singular.  Perhaps there is someone out there with
the resources to come up with other cases where the third person
subject of )FMAR is the same as the third-person subject of a verb
found in what would normally be a quote.  Then we might
be able to see what actually is going on here.<

> HTH, but it probably didn't!<

Ralph Smith says that "he hates" should be read "I hate." He doesn't
indicate that its a matter of textuality, its simply a matter of how
one construes the third person &FN"). At present, I can offer no more
than this. I'll see what else I can find out about this problem.



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