Mal. 2:16

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I want to make sure that I am looking at the same phrase you are.  The text I have


which a very different word order.  If this change in word order does not solve the
difficulties that you perceive in this verse, then I would guess the difficulty lies
more in the use of the third person for &FN") than it does in the presence of the piel
infinitive absolute $AL.AX

Please allow me to state a first impression, because I honestly am not sure which
would hold more consistent with similar cases in the Tanakh.  (This is mainly because
a quick search of the reference works I have at hand did not yield any other
instances, although I suspect there actually are.)  My impression is that the use of
the third person for this word translated "hate" is either indicating an attribute of
YHWH-the-God-of-Israel followed by a reference to his saying so, or it is a majestic
form, albeit in the singular.  Perhaps there is someone out there with the resources
to come up with other cases where the third person subject of )FMAR is the same as the
third-person subject of a verb found in what would normally be a quote.  Then we might
be able to see what actually is going on here.

HTH, but it probably didn't!


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