Wayyiqtol origins/phonology (was: die Flucht ins Prasens, Peter)

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Hi Henry,

You wrote:
>  >Bryan wrote:
> > Nevertheless, both the modal/preterite yaqtul and the
> > past/non-past yaqtulu forms are fientive and most often
> > morphologically indistinguishable.  I can get away with
> > wayyiqtol and yiqtol as having shared meaning by
pointing to this
> > lowest common denominator: fientivity (a word?  ;-) ).
They are two
> > usually indistinguishable forms with a shared meaning.
> I don't think it's true that they were ever "most often
> morphologically indistinguishable"; at early periods
> word-final short vowel loss), the *yaqtul paradigm
consistently had
> shorter endings than the *yaqtulu paradigm (absence of a
> mood-vowel suffix in forms which didn't have a
person/number suffix,
> as seen in yaqtul vs. yaqtulu; and shorter forms of
suffixes, as in
> yaqtuluu vs. yaqtuluuna, masc. 3rd. plur.).  After the
> change of word-final short vowel loss, the former yaqtul
tense was
> still originally phonologically/morphologically distinct
from former
> yaqtulu in many cases, though the existence of such
> tended to diminish somewhat over time; however, at about
the same time
> (I assume), the original "non-volitive yaqtul tense"
became mostly
> restricted to occurring after wa+gemination (and it's
surely no
> accident that this restricted distribution allowed the
> distinction between the original *yaqtul and *yaqtulu
paradigms to be
> kept up, at a time when the original historical
phonological and
> morphological contrasts between the two paradigms no
> consistently survived in the language).
> If you want an example of two paradigms which are truly
"most often
> morphologically indistinguishable" in Tiberian Hebrew,
it's the
> jussive and imperfect.

Agreed.  To all.  And thanks.  My apologies for not
expressing myself more clearly.  In referring to yaqtul and
yaqtulu, I was actually intending to refer to the BH
"descendants" of yaqtul and yaqtulu, if we may refer to the
prefixed forms as such.


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