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Hi Moon,
Thanks for your inquiry.  You wrote:
> On 05/31/99, ""Bryan Rocine" <brocine at earthlink.net>"
> > So we may view the X-yiqtol
> > clause as a good partner for the weqatal clause in terms
> > "stativity."  The X-yiqtol clause, in its use of the 2nd
> > position verb and the fientive yiqtol arrests the
> > of instructions to elaborate upon a particular
> >
> > At the same time we can see the value of using the
> > yiqtol (albeit in a "stative" syntax) as a complement to
> > attributive weqatal.  We expect there to be some
> > between stativity and activity on the mainline and
> > elaborative portions of a discourse.  Either the
> > will be active and the offline stative as in Historical
> > Narrative or or the mainline will be stative and the
> > will have an active element as we see in Instructional
> > Discourse.  Review:
> >
> > Historical Narrative:
> > mainline: wayyiqtol ("verbal" syntax, fientive verb)
> > off-the-line:  X-qatal ("stative" syntax, attributive
> >
> > Instructional Discourse:
> > mainline: weqatal ("verbal" syntax, attributive verb)
> > off-the-line: X-yiqtol ("stative" syntax, fientive verb)
> >
> It is reasonable for attributive verbs to describe
off-line information.
> Why is it then that fientive verbs are used to describe
> inforamtion
> In Instructional Discourse? What characteristics of
> discourse
> makes it happen?

Dear Moon,

I think some kind of alternation between the attributive and
fientive forms as well as verb-first or verb-second syntax
is useful for creating the offline/mainline distinction.
For instance, view the alternation in verb forms in the
following English instructions, the dichotomy of which helps
to organize the discourse:

Collect the parts.  You will see nuts, bolts, a frame, the
wheels, pedals, and a saddle.  The small, looses parts will
be in a plastic bag.  Next, assemble the bike. The wheels go
on the forks on the frame, and the saddle attaches to the
post, etc.  Finally, adjust the bike to the rider.  The leg
should be almost completely extended when...


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