die Flucht ins Prasens, Peter

peter_kirk at sil.org peter_kirk at sil.org
Tue Jun 1 00:31:56 EDT 1999

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your time spent on this. I am afraid I am still not 
convinced, but don't have time to argue this point (or Rolf's latest 
one) any further at present.

Just one more question. You wrote:

Historical Narrative:
mainline: wayyiqtol ("verbal" syntax, fientive verb)
off-the-line:  X-qatal ("stative" syntax, attributive verb)

Instructional Discourse:
mainline: weqatal ("verbal" syntax, attributive verb)
off-the-line: X-yiqtol ("stative" syntax, fientive verb)

Do you think you would have found this labelling "fientive" and 
"attributive" if you had disregarded the similarities in form between 
yiqtol and wayyiqtol, and between qatal and weqatal?

Peter Kirk

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