Periphrastics in Is 2:2 and Micah 4:1 (retransmission)

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Sun Jan 31 05:47:38 EST 1999

Peter_Kirk at SIL.ORG wrote:

> Another thought: Maybe Isaiah was adjusting the metre to make better
> poetry: Micah has regular three beat lines and then the intrusive
> W:)FM:RW., whereas Isaiah has a 3-4-4-3-4 pattern (putting the two
> short lines together). Actually that line structure suggests a
> different parallel of B:RO)$ with W:NI&.F) and tends back to the
> latter being a participle.

I liked the first (the omitted) discussion, but this one really made me think.  Poetry
*would* allow some freedom with forms like paraphrastics, so maybe my initial thinking
isn't so far off.  Anyway, I don't even care to analyze poetry in the English, so I am
really in deep kimchee here!



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