Assaulting an Impasse

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Fri Jan 15 13:47:00 EST 1999

While I appreciate Bryan's concern, I got the impression that 
Barre's posts were intended to be sarcastic and not to be taken 
seriously.  At least, I hope that was his intent...

> Dr. Barre,
> There are learned people of faith on this mailing list, both Jewish and
> Christian.  They are to be respectful of the faiths of each other and
> yours.  A thread of this nature will be innappropriate on this list as it
> will be impossible to carry on such a discussion without creating offense. 
> I have no doubt you realize the sensitive nature of such a topic, and for
> this reason I am disappointed that you would use this forum to provoke list
> members of faith with such condescending words as your first two sentences
> shown below.  
> Are you intent on creating controversy and crisis?  If so please take your
> effort to another list.  As for now, I am asking Jonathan Robie to put you
> on probation.
> Bryan Rocine
> B-Hebrew Chairman 
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> > From: Lloyd Barre <barre at>
> > To: Biblical Hebrew <b-hebrew at>
> > Subject: Assaulting an Impasse
> > Date: Friday, January 15, 1999 12:24 AM
> > 
> > Dear List members:
> > 
> > Many or perhaps most members on this list know there a deep, learned
> > skepticism prevails with regard to our historical knowledge of
> > pre-monarchic "Israel."  These days very few are willing to commit to
> > historical reconstructions regarding the eras of the patriarchs, the
> > exodus, the wanderings, the "conquest," or even for the so-called ear of
> > the Judges.  
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