sex in paradise, Ronning

yochanan bitan ButhFam at
Thu Feb 4 09:35:35 EST 1999

using 4 and 1 as alliterative/assonance guides for 'fun'

jonah 1.4   
     veY"Y hetil ruaH ...  [sequential! new paragraph]
ruth 4.1      
     uvo`az `ala       [ambiguous/either sequential or simultaneous
'meanwhile', certainly new section]
judges 4.4(-1)  
     vehu laHats [pluperfect, paragraph end]
2Kings 4.1    
     veisha ... tsa`aqa [sequential(?), new paragraph/section] (sorry about
the 2 in 2 Kings)

does this show some of the flexibility?


randall buth

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