1 Sam 31:5: was Saul necessarily dead?

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Fri Dec 31 18:39:41 EST 1999

At 15.19 31/12/99 -0700, Dave Washburn wrote:
>Grammatically, the verse taken in isolation could go either way 
>since there is no visual difference between the qatal and the 

OK, Dave, while it makes sense, how about just one example from the OT/HB
*with that verb* for the participle reading. Wouldn't you say that it is
more likely that we have a formula for an announced demise,

      when X saw that Y was dead       Num 20:29, Jgs 9:55  etc
      when X heard that Y was dead     1Sam 25:39, 2Sam4:1  etc

a formula well represented in Samuel.

>All things considered, though, I think it's safe to say 
>that Saul was dead at least by the time the Amalekite came upon 
>him (an event that is not actually reported by the narrator).

I'll wait for an example with the particular verb!



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