1 Sam 31:5: was Saul necessarily dead?

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Fri Dec 31 17:19:18 EST 1999

Niels wrote: 
> Peter
> You cannot maintain this point. You are simply arguing against the wording
> of the Hebrew text. You are also arguing against the logic of the narrative.
> Why should anybody believe that an Amalekite would tell the truth. He is in
> the eyes of the narrator a foreigner and lies, of course, and is punished
> because of his stupidity. 

Interpretively, I tend to agree with NPL on this.  My own personal 
view is that the Amalekite lied, expecting a reward from David 
whom he considered Saul's enemy, and when he saw how David 
actually reacted, his final thoughts were "Oh, !@#$"...

Grammatically, the verse taken in isolation could go either way 
since there is no visual difference between the qatal and the 
participle.  All things considered, though, I think it's safe to say 
that Saul was dead at least by the time the Amalekite came upon 
him (an event that is not actually reported by the narrator).

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