Competence in Hebrew

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Fri Dec 31 07:28:17 EST 1999

RE:     Competence in Hebrew
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DATE:   31/12/99 11:09

>Looking back, if you had to learn hebrew again and had to learn it on your

>own, how would you proceed? What would you do to reach what you would call

>competence in the language?

simple. go to israel for two years. refuse to use anything but hebrew.

if you can't do that, then go to israel for one year. :-)

if you can't do that, then get real language biblical hebrew 
(e.g., see the URL below.)
and for the moment maybe the old FSI Hebrew course with 24 cassettes. 
syracuse language also has something that looked pretty nice as a parallel

elef braxot
randall buth

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