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Thu Dec 30 15:02:50 EST 1999

But does anyone doubt that Alexander really existed?

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Niels Peter Lemche wrote:

> That was the point I made in my article in JSOT, David's Rise. Journal for
> the Study of the Old Testament  10 (1978), 2-25.
> For these reasons I for a long time hated giving up the idea that the David
> of the Bible might not be a historical person. I also loved to point with
> his wives, all the important ones originally belonging to other men
> (changing the chronology of the Michal marriage a little and pressing the
> case). It was my faiblaisse for Richard Wagner that made me see that.
> However, also other heroes have been described in more or less the same way,
> even Alexander.

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