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True, but a case can be made for Cicero's place in the first century BCE,
because there are simply so many different sources that go together to form
what I have already called a network of information. We have other cases, of
cause, texts from the Old Babylonian dynasty, Ramesside inscriptions contra
Hittite sources, etc. 

But apart for the silver plates with 50 and 75 % of Num 6:24-26, nothing
from Palestine/Israel to help us with the HB.


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> Dear Jim,
> I think he's got you there. You are evading the point.
> As for Cicero, we ARE talking about Cicero and any other ancient
> writer/ing for
> whom/which the earliest manuscript is hundreds of years after the
> autograph.
> You MUST apply the same standards of judgment to Cicero, or the Rig-Veda,
> or to ANY
> written document that you apply to the Bible. And vice versa.
> Yours,
> Jonathan
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