historiography (Peter)

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Thu Dec 30 11:54:14 EST 1999

Well, if you won't allow me a little fun and insist on direct 
relevance, I suggest you try a search on OT/HB at Amazon.com and 
compare the number of books (and the numbers of sales of them) written 
from an evangelical perspective with the number supporting NPL's 
position. I guess that the evangelicals would win, especially if you 
included more popular works. But does that say anything about the 
truth of their position?

The serious point is an ancient one, that truth cannot be judged by 
its popularity, it has to be judged by the evidence. Do you disagree?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re[3]: historiography (Peter)
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Date:    29/12/1999 23:23

Responding to Peter...

>Niels Peter's credentials are not limited to a letter to the editor.  Take a 
>look at Amazon.com and any of the many bibliographic search engines on the 
>web to get a taste of his accomplishments.
>PK: If an author's credentials are judged by his appearances at 
>Amazon.com etc, I guess that NPL would be left well behind by Billy 
>Graham and be nowhere near Tom Clancy!

Peter, you have a penchant for inappropriate analogies. You *ignore* the 
contextual relevance -- we are after all dealing with analyses of the OT/HB 
period -- and go off on a literalist exploitation of the indication
stripped of the context. How about talking about relevant books on Amazon.com?


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