FW: Re[8]: Methods in biblical scholarship

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Thu Dec 30 01:50:21 EST 1999

At 15.20 29/12/99 -0500, Moshe Shulman wrote:
>At 09:01 PM 12/29/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>>At 10.56 29/12/99 -0500, Moshe Shulman wrote:
>>>The DSS are filled with tirades against the
>>>temple as it was. They seemed to be independant of the temple.
>>If you put it in context, it would help. You'll find strong defences of the
>>temple in the DSS. The tirades are never against the temple, but against
>>the people who were in control of it at one stage. There are a few well
>The point I am making is that they were able to exist without the temple,
>because they saw it as 'unusable'. The post destruction period would be no

Moshe, that may be your immediate point, but you have diverged from the
conversation on the position that can be elicited about the writers of the
scrolls as to their position in Judaism and thus the texts that they used,
ie if the people represented by the DSS were not a minor sect, how can one
exclude the texts known from elsewhere that they used, Jubilees, Enoch,
Tobit, testaments of various patriarchs, etc?



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