Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Dec 29 18:31:20 EST 1999

Peter, Moshe, et al.,
The Mesha inscription shows that the DH is early?  You're kidding right?
You think that a fragmentary inscription, brief, and of limited vocabulary,
is capable of bearing the comparative linguistic weight you have heaved onto
it?  I disagree.  You are truly comparing apples with oranges.
And Moshe, i couldn't care less about mathematics vis a vis biblical

In short I think our problem is one of communication.  You are talking about
one thing and I another.  You are talking about math and I am simply
suggesting that you actually take the time to read NPL's stuff.  So I have a
simple question- so that we are all on the same page- Moshe- have you read
any of Niels' stuff?  Peter?




Jim West, ThD
jwest at highland.net

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