historiography (Peter)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Wed Dec 29 17:23:44 EST 1999

Responding to Peter...

>Niels Peter's credentials are not limited to a letter to the editor.  Take a 
>look at Amazon.com and any of the many bibliographic search engines on the 
>web to get a taste of his accomplishments.
>PK: If an author's credentials are judged by his appearances at 
>Amazon.com etc, I guess that NPL would be left well behind by Billy 
>Graham and be nowhere near Tom Clancy!

Peter, you have a penchant for inappropriate analogies. You *ignore* the
contextual relevance -- we are after all dealing with analyses of the OT/HB
period -- and go off on a literalist exploitation of the indication
stripped of the context. How about talking about relevant books on Amazon.com?

>>Let me also say I saw the use of the term "minamalist" (I believe that is
>>associated with your name. Could you explain to me what that term means?
>It is a false and misleading derogatory epigram placed on various folk like 
>Tom Thompson, NP Lemche, and Davies by those who are more fundamentalist in 
>their theology.
>PK: "Fundamentalist" is a false and misleading derogatory epigram 
>placed on various folk by those who are more liberal in their 

Again you distort the statement by turning the relative "more
fundamentalist" into the absolutist "fundamentalist".

Not very useful stuff, Peter.



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