Niels Peter Lemche npl at teol.ku.dk
Wed Dec 29 16:31:53 EST 1999

I still think that it will be a good idea if you started some serious
studying before you start name calling.


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> >I still think that you do not know what you are talking about. I did
> never
> >express anything along this line except what is based on the kinds of
> >investigations you continuously ask for. Good grief, I have been in this
> >business for more than 30 years and have hundreds of publications to look
> >for. Go and read for yourself, or wait for Tom Thompson's and mine
> Changing
> >Perspectives (our Opera minora) that should begin to appear from 2000.
> Niels I recognize an appeal to authority when I see one. If you have not
> noticed my primary acedemic training was in mathematics, and quite frankly
> your arguments here are foolish in the extreme. I have a great deal of
> respect for some of what you have said, but quite frankly your answers
> have
> been lacking. I have pointed out specific questions as to why other
> methods
> are not applied here. Ken gave a good example (probably better then I
> could
> without spending some time at it.) We are dealing with the scientific
> method of gaining knowledge which has little to do with the numbe ror
> years
> of publications one has. I don't think anything I asked was too complex. I
> didn't ask for the solution to the 4 color problem, or Fermet last
> theorem.

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