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At 03:03 PM 12/29/99 -0500, you wrote:

>Niels I recognize an appeal to authority when I see one. If you have not
>noticed my primary acedemic training was in mathematics, and quite frankly
>your arguments here are foolish in the extreme. 

You lost me here.  There was no appeal to authority- only a request that you
read something that is already available.  I dont think that is too much to ask.

And, by the way, training in mathematics doesnt make one any more fit for
biblical studies questions than training in biblical studies makes one a

>I have a great deal of
>respect for some of what you have said, but quite frankly your answers have
>been lacking. I have pointed out specific questions as to why other methods
>are not applied here. Ken gave a good example (probably better then I could
>without spending some time at it.) We are dealing with the scientific
>method of gaining knowledge which has little to do with the numbe ror years
>of publications one has. I don't think anything I asked was too complex. I
>didn't ask for the solution to the 4 color problem, or Fermet last theorem.

But what you have asked for is already available.




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