<wayyiqtol> again, 1S1.7

yochanan bitan ButhFam at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 29 01:52:17 EST 1999

>1 Sam 1:7 wayyiqtol in a series with a yiqtol refering to
>past habitual action in prose!

Bryan, i'm surprised, you're discourse oriented.
come on, read the text. :-)
That is where the story goes back 
'on line' after the hiatus from 1.4b.
and the day came and E. prepared a sacrifice (... ... ...)
... and (that particular year) she cried and was not eating.
Segal (Hebrew) and some in English commentaries (don't remember which)
follow the MT. Most English translations ignore/emend MT, even JPS.

Randall Buth

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