Methods in biblical scholarship

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Dec 28 22:16:30 EST 1999

Doesn't Gen5:21-24 and 6:1-4 rely on the (unstated) Enoch tradition (given
the Gen text's *cryptic* form which doesn't state enough to make itself

What about Jubilees' usage of the same Enoch material in a clearer manner?
Or Jubilees' knowledge of Enoch's Astronomical book?


>At 17.41 28/12/99 -0500, peter_kirk at wrote:
>I don't think I ever claimed a uniform process of canonisation. I was 
>looking for evidence that ANY of the many Jewish groups, at ANY time, 
>considered Enoch as Holy Scripture, on the level of the Torah or the 
>prophets. I have seen no such evidence. There have been some 
>suggestions, which I cannot refute, that some fringe Jewish groups may 
>have considered Enoch as such. But this was clearly not the main 

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