Methods in biblical scholarship (Moshe)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Dec 28 22:07:09 EST 1999

>>If the corpus of the Dead Sea Scrolls represents the conglomerate of
>>pre-Pharisaic normative Judaism, then Enoch, in a pre-canonical period, has
>>the equivalent of canonization. It may be from this situation that the
>>varieties of Christianity spread carrying with them books like Enoch and
>As I have said, this whole discussion is really not relevant to Judaism at
>any period. I think even a discussion of a concept of 'canon' before the
>4th century CE is projecting present day views into the past. 

In the end relying on some formalism such as fixed canon is skirting the
issue regarding text that are shown to have authority in ancient Judaism.
The basic discussion was about the place of certain texts not what
constitutes a valid timeframe for canons.



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