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At 10:04 PM 12/28/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>> >	[Niels Peter Lemche]  
>> >	Your hvae so litrtle sense of what history was about in ancient
>> >times that I suggest that you start studying the subject. I would suggest
>> >that you start by reading Quintillian, and continue with Cicero, and then
>> >you can come back.
>> I prefer Thucidides myself. History in ancient times is what it is now:
>> propaganda. The term objective historuy is an oxymoron.
>	[Niels Peter Lemche]  I understand your point, but I asked you to
>read the theory before you read the examples. Thucydides and Herodotus were
>considered as two very different cases of histoery writing in Antiquity.
>They were well aware of the difference. It is not something later
>rationalization created.

Maybe, but there are clear purposes in his writting, just as there were to

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