Size of Isaiah?

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Five minutes on the computer gave me the answer:

15,154 words if words joined by maqqef are counted as one 
17,011 words if words joined by maqqef are counted separately

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Size of Isaiah?
Author:  <ButhFam at> at Internet 
Date:    28/12/1999 13:53

>I read that in Rabbinic Bibles the "title
>page" for each book included sundry and various information concerning the 
>content of that book.  If this is so, can some kind soul out there in 
>cyber-land glance at his copy and tell me how many words are in the 
>Masoretic text of Isaiah?

my rabbinic bible (incl. bar-ilan's wonderful "ha-keter") 
only says
that isaiah has
1291 verses.
a computer program would produce it, though. 
randall buth

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