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What do I mean by "canon"?  In simplest terms for this discussion, a standardized,
recognized set of writings held as sacred scripture by traditional Judaism.  By that I
mean that if you  go anywhere in the world and read a copy of the  Tanach, you will
find certain specific books in it.  But you will not find others.   I am not assuming
or asserting that this definition of "canon" is held by all scholars of Judaism, or is
even always relevant, but it is a working definition.

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Moshe Shulman wrote:

> At 07:38 AM 12/28/1999 -0800, you wrote:
> >We are dealing with different questions.  In my original reply, I was
> responding to
> >Peter Kirk's question:
> ><In the late first century or early second century CE Jewish canon, was Enoch
> >included?>
> >Therefore, my replies are in light of that question, which concerns the
> "late first
> >century or early second century CE Jewish canon."  It would appear that we
> are
> >considering the canon of nascent rabbinic Judaism here, not the canon of
> the Essenes
> >or other apocalyptic groups.  And for me, "canon" means canon of the
> Tanach. Or, so I
> >understood the question.
> >I am sure that the apocalyptic and pseudepigraphic writings were
> considered as sacred
> >or "canonical" by various sects or schools of thought among first century
> Jews.  But
> >in my estimation, an "early second century CE Jewish canon" stems from the
> work of
> >authorities such as Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai at Yavneh, and beyond.
> What do YOU mean buy 'canon'. (BTW just to clarfy. I understand 'canon' to
> mean a list of texts that are considered 'sacred texts'. As such I contend
> that there never has been a fixed Jewish canon, nor is there one now. At
> best a work can be formally declared as 'non-sacred' as was the case with
> Ben Sirach. Consider the burning of the works of Maimonides, for example.)
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