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>> The Tel Dan inscription is so far from being of any use that there is no
>> point in mentioning it other than for the propaganda value for those who
>> already believe. Garbini has argued that the text is a fake. A certain
>> professor from Copenhagen has brought people's attention to chisel marks on
>> the fragments indicating the manufactured nature of the fragments. Others
>> have asked what bytdwd actually means. The one meaning you seem to support
>> is not the only one. It's just convenient.
>I agree with Ian, here. The Tel Dan Inscription does not tell us that
David really
>existed. It might hint at the possibility of a "David" person, but even if
it does, it
>says nothing about that person. Anything you infer from the inscription is
coloured by the
>biblical texts.

Please read my previous post. The Tel Dan Inscription increases the
plausibality of the view that David existed and that the historical content
of the Bible is 'reliable' in some degree AND REDUCES the plausibility of
the view that David and the Davidic kingdom was non-existant. 

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