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Dear Galia Hatav,

How would you explain the fact that in the examples below the same
event is expressed with wayyiqtol in one case, and with first-place
qatal or second-place x-qatal in the other?

- 2 Sam 12:26 wayyillaHem yô'ab berabbat benê `amôn -- wayyilkod
'et-`îr hammelukâ
  versus 12:27  (Joab sent messengers to David and said )
        nilHamtî berabbâ -- gam-lakadtî 'et-`îr hammayim.
- Gen 40:2      wayyiqtzop par`oh `al $enê sarisayw ...
  versus 41:10  (The chief cupbearer said to Pharaoh)
        par`oh qatsap `al-`abadayw ...

In my _Syntax_ pages 41-43 I have listed about 20 such cases,
and the list is far for being complete.

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