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>PK: Precisely what examples of books do we have which can be proved to 
>have multiple authors? Or are you presupposing the DH again?

When have I presupposed a DH, Peter??

PK: Never. Sorry, for "again" please read "like so many others".

Did Isaiah who was an adult during the time of Ahaz also write about Cyrus??

PK: You are presupposing that predictive prophecy is impossible.

Was the book of Daniel which partly shows a date of writing around 250 BCE 
and partly around 165 BCE written by the same person??

PK: Same again.

Did David write all 150 psalms, considering at least one can definitively 
be placed at the time of exile or later (By the waters of Babylon...)??

PK: Now you seem to be accepting that David wrote some of them! That 
is progress! ;-) But I will allow that Psalms is a collection of 
separate writings by several authors. It is not presented as a single 

Did Moses chronicle his own death in Deuteronomy??

PK: Where does it say in Deuteronomy that Moses wrote any of it? A 
large part of Deuteronomy is speeches by Moses. I do not claim that 
Moses wrote any of this down.

As NPL pointed out Samuel died in 1Sam25, so did he also report his own 

PK: Who before NPL has ever claimed that Samuel did write the books of 

We could work out a definitive list of just how many books show multiple 
hands, but these should demonstrate the point.

And not trying to support the widespread use of the DH, have you got a 
better explanation for the doublets and triplets in the literature?

PK: Yes: the hand of a skilled writer who knew how his own language 
worked much better than you or me. Plus some cases in which history 
actually came close to repeating itself - that does happen, you know.

Peter Kirk

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