Methods in biblical scholarship

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At 12:03 AM 12/27/1999 +0100, Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>When have I presupposed a DH, Peter??
>Did Isaiah who was an adult during the time of Ahaz also write about Cyrus??
>Was the book of Daniel which partly shows a date of writing around 250 BCE
>and partly around 165 BCE written by the same person??
>Did David write all 150 psalms, considering at least one can definitively
>be placed at the time of exile or later (By the waters of Babylon...)??
>Did Moses chronicle his own death in Deuteronomy??
>As NPL pointed out Samuel died in 1Sam25, so did he also report his own

Just for arguments sake, you assume that these cannot be possible. Would
you mind posting what your assumptions are that lead you to such a
conclusion. I think some may disagree with your assumptions.

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