Translation of Piel (and Pual) roots(Bryan)

Bill Burks rwburks at
Sat Dec 25 22:04:22 EST 1999


Thank you very much for your detailed reply.  It makes since that when the hearer or
for that matter reader of BH heard a word that happened to be in the Piel form they
would associate that word with a particular meaning, and if they heard the word in Qal
for example they would associate it with a different meaning, or shade of meaning.

I am wondering about the Waltke and O'Connor book you mentioned.  Would it be a good
book for me to get concerning the BH stem system or is there a better one?

This brings up another question in my mind.  Since some roots are conjugated in
several stems, and since the consonantal letters for some words are the same in
various conjugations when the word appears in different stems, and since the vowel
markings in the text did not show up till the Massorites, how did they determine which
stem markings to put with which word in the text.

Thanks again, your email was extremely helpful.

Have a good day,


Bill Burks

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