Translation of Piel(and Pual) roots

Bill Burks rwburks at
Sat Dec 25 21:54:01 EST 1999


Thanks for your email concerning the Piel, Pual roots.  When I chose the word qittel
for my example it was probably a bad one.  The word is used by some as an example for
verb charts.

My concern really had to do with the nature of the roots themselves. Bryan seems to
have gotten the jest of what I was asking.  It makes since that the hearer of the word
would associate a particular meaning with that particular root in a particular stem.

I understand that some roots are not used in all stems some are only found in one.  I
was trying to understand the stem system when a word shows up in the text in more than
one root.

Since qittel is not found in BH it did not have a meaning associated with it.  So I
should have found a different word on which to base my question.  Thanks for your


Bill Burks

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