<wayyiqtol> again, short

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Fri Dec 24 18:34:45 EST 1999

Is there a good reason not to translate this Moabite text as two 
clauses: "Omri was king of Israel and he subdued Moab..."? That would 
be much more typical of Hebrew where WAYYIQTOL is always (almost!) 
clause initial. Or if this is an exception, maybe because it is 
Moabite, not Hebrew?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: <wayyiqtol> again, short
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Date:    24/12/1999 06:26

> <wayyiqtol> is independent,

don't you love the moabit intro:

`omri melex israel vaye`anev et moav ... 
omri king of israel and he subdued moav ...

it's lovely, classic, on line, vayyiqtol, "independent"
and still with a topicalization, forcibly pre-clausal, and yes, rare.

what more could we ask for?

braxot le`elef Hadash
randall buth

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