JEPD Evidence

Niels Peter Lemche npl at
Fri Dec 24 04:11:53 EST 1999

Should 'subject' indication not cover the subject of the mail? 


>      I see lots of posts about wayyiqtols (whatever that is) and lots of
> linguistic
> theory.  I'm not sure how to apply any of it to actually translating or
> doing
> exegesis.  I'd like to see someone offer suggestions for how to apply
> these sorts of
> discussions to those of us who've never taken a linguistics course and
> don't know what
> a wayyiqtol is from a wayyeqtal in terms of significance.    I suggested
> this a couple
> of days ago.  Since no one responded, does that mean that such discussions
> have no
> practical significance?  I hope not.
> Ken Litwak

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