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Point taken, you did bring up a topic, in a rather general way, and 
no-one responded. Well, I'm afraid this isn't the place to come for 
on-line courses in basic Hebrew grammar (do you really not know what a 
wayyiqtol is?) or in linguistics. Perhaps someone can point you to 
suitable URLs. Now my suggestion would be that you need to learn more 
than first year Hebrew and some linguistics before getting into 
serious translating or exegesis from the original. Meanwhile you can 
find some useful help in (for example) "Old Testament Exegesis" by 
Douglas Stuart, 2nd edition, Westminster 1984.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: JEPD Evidence
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Date:    23/12/1999 22:13

     I see lots of posts about wayyiqtols (whatever that is) and lots of linguis
theory.  I'm not sure how to apply any of it to actually translating or doing 
exegesis.  I'd like to see someone offer suggestions for how to apply these sort
s of
discussions to those of us who've never taken a linguistics course and don't kno
w what
a wayyiqtol is from a wayyeqtal in terms of significance.    I suggested this a 
of days ago.  Since no one responded, does that mean that such discussions have 
practical significance?  I hope not.

Ken Litwak

peter_kirk at wrote:

> OK, Ken, what aspect of Hebrew would you like to talk about? Start a 
> thread, ask a question, roll out your hobby-horse or whatever. Or do 
> you just want silence on the list?
> Peter Kirk

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