JEPD Evidence

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Fri Dec 24 00:29:26 EST 1999

OK, Ken, what aspect of Hebrew would you like to talk about? Start a 
thread, ask a question, roll out your hobby-horse or whatever. Or do 
you just want silence on the list?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: JEPD Evidence
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Date:    22/12/1999 22:33

   There is a scholarly list run the SBL for discussing Hebrew Bible
issues, called Miqra.  I suggest that those who wish to discuss JEDP go 
do so there.  I'd really like to talk about Hebrew, as suggested in my 
last post.  While I consider the rules on B-Greek far too repressive and 
anti-scholarly, perhaps similar rules are needed here about what is 

Ken Litwak

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