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Thu Dec 23 23:53:01 EST 1999

Ian, I am only guessing about Paul's situation out there in the 
Philippines, but say he has a slow line which means it takes him 30 
seconds to download each of 20 messages a day, so 10 minutes a day 
which may cost him quite a lot. But would it take him less than 10 
minutes a day to get into the b-hebrew site, download the lists over a 
slow line, and decide and click on which messages he does not want? 
Probably not. So don't conclude he is being personal against you. 
Unfortunately the only good solution for Paul is to ask a few people 
like you to shut up. Now despite what I have said on occasion, I don't 
really want to do that. But perhaps if we all think twice before 
hitting the reply button, and also avoid resending large chunks of 
text which we are not commenting on, then we could reduce Paul and 
others' frustration level.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: Apparently off topic
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Date:    23/12/1999 04:22

>Maybe Explorer or Netscape or whatever you use has such a feature, and 
>you can put Ian's incoming posts in the trash without even having to see 
them.  ;-)
>(This was just a joke Ian)

It's alright. I've already suggested the same thing, but Paul seems to have 
a particular situation, which I have also made a suggestion about. Paul's 
service isn't particular good and he doesn't seem to have many options 
where he is located, but I suggested he delete online whatever he didn't 
want to read going by the titles and senders. For some reason that wasn't 
found useful though it would take only a small amount of time. I think Paul 
must have some other reason in mind.


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