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Thu Dec 23 13:36:10 EST 1999

Ray: I found the title in the database at:

but they had no actual copies to order!!  :-(

At least it gives the full title:

On Tracing the Line of Syntactic Dependence: A Computer-Assisted Study of
the Old Testament Hebrew Participal Constructions

which demonstrates the actual relevance to Biblical Hebrew!

God Bless!
Joe Friberg

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> Ray Clendenen at BSSBNOTES
> 12/23/99 12:17 PM
> I'm looking for a book titled, On Tracing the Line of Syntactic
> by J(anet) W. Dyk. Does anyone know anything about the book (publisher
> etc)? Amazon etc. doesn't know about it, but it was recommended to me
> somewhere by someone. I believe it has at least an indirect relevance to
> Biblical Hebrew.
> Ray Clendenen
> Broadman & Holman
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