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Paul's problem there would be that the two of us who have made most 
postings about Hebrew language and grammar in the last few weeks, Dave 
Washburn and myself (concerning prototype theory and WAYYIQTOL), have 
also been among the most prolific in the various incarnations of the 
JEDP thread. He could filter Ian's own contributions, or even 
Jonathan's ;-), but not Dave's and my responses to them. Or perhaps he 
can filter on the subject line? Or he can simply ignore the messages 
he doesn't want to receive. Anyway, I guess that JEDP is running out 
of steam at last, and will be forgotten over Christmas dinners etc.

Meanwhile, I am always ready to read more contributions to the 
discussion on prototype theory which I started, but which has died 
away. But there is no way to force people to discuss subjects they 
don't want to discuss. Paul, have you got anything to say on this 

Peter Kirk

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Try the Hebraisticum, from Professor Lehman's site. Of course there is NO traffi
c on
it. I can't seem to find his webpage, but he is also subscribed to this list, so
 if you
plead to him, maybe he will pop up and direct you.

I do have to say that I like being able to be subscribed to just one list where 
I can get a
few mails a day on a variety of subjects. The thought of subscribing to ANE, TC,
Hebrew, etc. and getting 95 mails a day is not too appetizing.

Perhaps if you were to contribute something about Hebrew grammar to the list, yo
might be able to get something going. I don't think the lack of grammar topics o
n the
list is a result of the numerous TC posts. Do you?

You may also be able to solve some of your headaches by using a sort of auto-ign
I use Lingomail (free downloads at and I can specify certain

addresses which will get any incoming mail from that address sent immediately to
trash can. Maybe Explorer or Netscape or whatever you use has such a feature, an
you can put Ian's incoming posts in the trash without even having to see them. 
(This was just a joke Ian)

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>Does anyone know of a list that is dedicated to the study of the 
>*language* of the Biblical Hebrew text?  I thought that I had found that 
>here several years ago, but the bulk of the posts of the last several 
>months indicate that I was apparently mistaken.  Of course, that is not 
>unusual, because I also thought that questions determining the validity 
>of including a portion of text in the biblical corpus more rightly would 
>be discussed on the TC list, and dating questions in general would be 
>discussed on lists like ANE.  I believe there are even lists that 
>include in their "charter" the discussion of the Qumran finds.

>So, to rephrase the question, is there any list that takes the corpus of 
>the Hebrew Bible as we have it and dedicates its time and energies to 
>understanding the vocabulary, forms, and structures found in it?

>Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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>Cabagan, Isabela, Rep. of Philippines

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