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Thu Dec 23 03:34:01 EST 1999

If you would like to talk about Hebrew on this list, then please do so. No one is 
stopping you. Let's not pretend we are victims here and being prevented from talking 
about grammar. I think it would be more honest to say that we are just irritated about 
getting mails that are not about grammar.

If it really is too much trouble to ask people to delete mails that do not interest them, 
and if those people are enough of a majority here to determine that the list should be 
restricted to grammar, then I ask that somebody direct me to a list where I, as a 
newcomer to the field, can find an introduction to the broad range of themes 
connected with the Hebrew bible including grammar, textual criticism, archaeology, 
(limited) exegesis, etc. I really am not enthused about the idea of having to subscribe 
to 5 lists in order to have access to these topics and thereby having to sift through 50 
superflous mails per day because people like Ken and Paul are irritated about having 
to sift through 5 mails that they feel are off topic.

(This is not meant to be a belligerent post against Ken and Paul. Paul, in particular, 
has provided me with valuable commentary in the past, and I enjoy talking to both of 
these men. I am just using their names as examples, as they seem to be 
representing the opinion that I am against.)

I do realize that this list is just about the freest that I have seen, and perhaps we can 
reach some middle ground. Perhaps we can just ask participants to be a little more 
weary of their tone and content. I think the Ian/Dave/Peter argument would not have 
been so objectionable if it were not for the childish direction the conversation took. I 
really would like to see this list avoid becoming like b-greek, a list which I have 
unsubscribed myself from on account of their censoring.

Though I imagine that my opinions are not in too great a demand, I would like to say 
that I feel that the line should be drawn at doing real OT theology. When I mentioned 
exegesis above, I was speaking from the perspective that, being more of a judaist 
than a hebraist, I could see myself coming to the list and asking historical-critical 
questions concerning various points of Jewish exegesis, where I can find reference to 
these points in the midrashic literature, how these points contrasted or were 
influences by Christian and Islamic views, etc. If these sort of questions about the 
history and development of HB exegesis are too much for this list, then I would also 
like to know where I can pose them. At any rate, opening the list to topics which are 
purely OT theology would undoubtedly bring a whole range of pastors to the list, 
probably even without knowledge of Hebrew, and would be sure to drown out any 
other topics. So I would prevent purely theological threads, but I don't see too much of 
a problem with archeological or historical dimensions. But I realize that my opinion 
doesn't count for much at this point (nor should it, as a newcomer), so would like 
information about where I can go if the list does not choose to remain open to the 
themes that interest me.

Jonathan Bailey
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien
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>   There is a scholarly list run the SBL for discussing Hebrew Bible
>issues, called Miqra.  I suggest that those who wish to discuss JEDP go
>do so there.  I'd really like to talk about Hebrew, as suggested in my
>last post.  While I consider the rules on B-Greek far too repressive and
>anti-scholarly, perhaps similar rules are needed here about what is

>Ken Litwak

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