JEDP (Melchizedek) (More Dave)

Niels Peter Lemche npl at
Wed Dec 22 17:41:03 EST 1999


In spite of Dave Washburn's arrogance, he is mostly right on this. I have
also worked with the Aramaic text of the Genesis Apocryphon (translated it
for a new Danish translation of the DSS). It is as Washburn says as mixture
of a plain translation of parts of Genesis, free rewriting of Genesis
(espec. Gen 12, Abraham in Egypt) and more or less free fantacy like the
Lemek part. Some kind of Genesis seems to have been available to the author
of the GenAp. It need not be the genesis exactly as we have it, cf. Cryer in
Cryer and Thompson (eds.), Qumran between the Old andNew Testaments,
Sheffield, Academic, 1998.


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