P's flood chronology

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Here is how I reconstruct P's flood chronology.  (Early source critics erred in assigning the 
dove to J and their error has been repeated so that the logic of P's very simple chronology 
was obscured).

2.17.600     The start of the flood (7:10)
[7.17.600]   150 days (five 30 day months) the waters rise (7:24)
[12.17.600] 150 days the waters abate and dove sent forth and returns (8:4, 8)
[12.24.600]  After 7 days the dove sent again and returns with olive branch (8:10-11)
1.1.601        The dove does not return because the earth is dry (8:12-13)

It does appear that the flood story is indeed a conflation of two documents as postulated by 
the DH.


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