JEDP (Melchizedek) (NPL)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Wed Dec 22 07:49:53 EST 1999

Niels Peter wrote:
>According to Abegg, Flint and Ulrich, The Dead Sea Scroll Bible, Harper
>1999, there is no evidence of Psalm 110 (they say maybe lost because of a
>lacuna in the mss), and the order of psalms is different , they have 103,
>112, 109, 113, 114.

Interesting, isn't it? Different order? One would expect 110 after 109 if
it had already been current. Well, maybe it was elsewhere in the
manuscripts. But I have the idea that psalms were still being written
during Qumran times. That's why the manuscripts don't necessarily reflect
the canonical order.



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