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OK, we're getting somewhere at last. So, what evidence can you give 
for absolute dating before the beginning of the 2nd century of 
Deuteronomy, of at least some of the prophetical books, and of the 
Noah material? I am interested in evidence which clearly distinguishes 
these books from Genesis 14, Psalm 110, Genesis 1 and other passages 
concerning which you have objected to recent suggestions of earlier 
dating from myself and others on this list. Careful, or your own 
arguments will come back on your own head, you will fall yourself into 
the traps you have set.

Peter Kirk

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Hi Peter.

I'm finding it difficult to keep up with everyone here.

At 00.18 21/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Ian, you can't have it every way! Do you, or do you not, hold that it 
>is impossible to date any part of the Hebrew Bible to before the 
>second century BCE?

Not quite. One can pin down what was from the second century and what is 
presupposed by texts from the second century (and thus is earlier). Then 
again there is a lot of stuff that simply can't be dated one way or 
another. I have tried to work on indications of institutions and traditions 
to help pin down relative orders of some texts. As you've seen, I consider 
Deut mainly to have been written before the other pentateuchal books and 
much of those written before the second century. The prophets give such 
indications of having been prior to the second century, though some are 
clearly earlier than others.

>PK: Please name some documents in Hebrew which you date to earlier 
>times which contain speculation about any person but not about 
>Melchizedek. Or for that matter any document of such date, other than 
>short inscriptions, which fails to mention Melchizedek.

How about the Enoch books? The Noah material? None of the prophets show 
knowledge about Melchizedek...



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