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>These are my first questions to this erudite forum:
>1) How did the name YHW$` become the name Joshua in English? 

It is a compound- from YHWH and ysh'= Yahweh delivers.

>2) How did the name YHW$` become the name Jesus in English?

Because in Greek the Hebrew Yehoshua became Iesous- and was anglicized as
Jesus following the Latin Iesus.

>3) If both Joshua and Jesus are originated from the same Hebrew word YHW$`
, why do we have today Joshua and Jesus? 

The same reason we have Jim and James; Jack and John; Tony and Anthony.

>4) What is the right transliteration of YHW$`: Yehoshua, Yahushua,
Yehoshua, or any other? Why?

I prefer Yehoshua.  The differences arise because the vowels can be different.
You have here only consonants- just as the Hebrew text does- so depending on
which vowels you insert your pronunciation will differ.



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