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<< >>Tatian's Diatesseron is a document known to be composed of the four 
 >>If the only gospel that survived was the Diatesseron, would scholars be
 >>wrong to subdivide it into four sources?
 >No, but then this is an entirely different circumstance.  Aren't the four
 >traditions separated already clearly in the text?  I thought they were in
 >columns, but then I might be thinking of the hexapla. There is a big
 >difference between this and postulating a number of hypothetical sources
 >which no one can be sure existed (and no one agrees upon the extent,
 >definition, context and characteristics of).
 I believe you are thinking of the Hexapla.  If you want to read an on-line
 version of the Diatessaron (apparently a translation of the Arabic version),
 please visit: >>

That's now 

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