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Ruthy & Baruch wrote:

> There's an article (in English) by a teacher of mine, Uriel Simon, in
> _Minhah Lenahum_ (N. Sarna's festschrift), dealing with Ibn Ezra's
> "Yitzchaki".  There seem to be a few opinions who this scholar was (no one
> mentioned Rashi at all).  Simon himself does not come to a conclusion on
> this issue; his article deals with the question why Ibn Ezra wanted
> Yitzchaki's books burned.  The idea that Ibn Ezra's rejection of Yitzchaki
> is due to his late dating of parts of the Torah is ruled out, by the mere
> fact that Ibn Ezra did just that in other places.  The major difference
> between the two is that Ibn Ezra kept his twelve verses "secret", while
> Yitzchaki wrote his opinion in plain language, that even the uninformed
> could understand.
> ---

Someone did write that this Yitzhaki was Rashi, but I can't remember whom. It was
because of reading this that I compared both Rashi and Ibn Ezra on Gen. 36:31. To me
it appears very clear that Ibn Wzra is demanding that Yitzhaki's books be burnt
because of doubting  Mosaic authorship - or at least, for making this statement
As for Rashi=Yitzhaki, Rashi could, but need not be construed as implying that the
Edomite list dates from Jehoshafat's time. Could Ibn Ezra have had a different version
of Rashi? As you know, there are different versions of Ibn Ezra; but I'm not up on
Rashi studies.
Thanks for the Simon article.
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